Equity and Inclusion Work

Dr. Lina Dahlberg, Dr. Robin Kodner, and Dr. Regina Barber DeGraaff, theWWU STEM Equity and Inclusion Workshop Facilitators

Dr. Kodner is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive culture in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) and in the outdoor recreation culture.  She is part of a faculty facilitation team with Dr. Lina Dahlberg and Dr. Regina Barber DeGraaff that run Equity and Inclusion Workshops for faculty, staff, and students at WWU through the WWU Equity and Inclusion Forum, and elsewhere in academia.

They currently have funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to assess the impacts of their ISMs (Inclusion and Social Mindfulness in STEM) Workshops on generating cultural change in academia.

Dr. Kodner is also part of the grant writing and implementation team for WWU’s $1 million dollar HHMI Inclusive Excellence Award.